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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

About us

Teks-Park is established 2007 and has started to produce jeans for many well-known brands in USA, EU, UK.

As Teks-Park, with our experience and sectoral network, we catch the trends before the competition and shape our collections according to trends before the competitors. We pay extensive attention to the human resources in order to maintain loyalty and professionalism.

We have more than 250 employees in Teks-Park production and sales offices.

We follow a production policy which respects nature and people, Teks-Park also gives a working environment above the standards for its employees.

We know every process of textile from first designs to the end product very well, which allows us to design and produce a wide range of both vintage style and most trendy high fashion.

Our unique combination of vertical manufacturing which is combined with “hands-on” process management, allows us to be flexible in all operations. Because of this flexibility, we do not lose time and keep our quality standards.

We combine our passion, experience and sustainable top quality raw materials.

Our way of manufacturing allows us to use combinations of many different designing techniques, products, compositions and different finishing techniques.

As a result of these, we produce top quality high fashion products, right on time.

Teks-ParkIstanbul - Headquarter and Showroom

Teks-ParkOrdu - Factory